Canada Hunting Price List

Looking for a great Canada hunting trip? Here is our Canada hunting price list for the 2018 and 2019 hunting seasons.

Below is our Canada hunting price list. All prices are in US dollars. With the exception of the black bear and whitetail deer hunts, the fees below do not include hunting licenses and tags, taxes, tips, and a $200 non-resident hunter preservation fee.

If you’re interested in one of our incredible Canadian hunts, please contact us immediately for more information or to book your hunt.
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2018 & 2019 Canada Hunting Prices

Hunt2018 Price2019 Price
Backpack Mountain Goat$10,000$12,000
Horseback Mountain Goat$12,000$13,000
1x1 Horseback Caribou$13,000$14,000
2x1 Horseback Caribou$11,500$12,500
Horseback Moose$17,500$18,500
1x1 Boat Moose$16,500$17,500
Horseback Moose/Caribou Combo$20,500$21,500
Add On Mountain Goat$5,000$6,000
Add On Caribou$5,000$6,000
Add On Moose$8,000$9,000
Chartered Float Plane*$1,680$1,680
Whitetail Deer$4,400$4,400 (2018 & 2019)
Black Bear$4,000$4,000 (2018 & 2019)

We currently have the following hunts still available for 2018:

Horseback Mountain Goat: $9,000
21-31 August 2018

Horseback Moose, Caribou Combo: $20,500
27 August-6 September 2018
Mountain Goat may be added to this hunt for an additional $1,000.

Horseback Moose/Caribou Combo: $20,500
6-16 September 2018

Boat Moose Hunt: $16,500
13-23 September 2018

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*Most of our hunts require the use of a float plane to access the hunting area. This fee covers the round trip transportation costs for one hunter and all trophies taken during the hunt.

We do not consider the days you fly into or out of camp to be hunting days, so a 9 day hunt means 9 full hunting days plus one day for arrival and one for departure.

If you finish your hunt for your primary species with time to spare, we provide free fishing and upland bird hunting. Additionally, all hunters may harvest one wolf for free (hunter must still purchase a wolf tag for $50).

Click here to check out some of our Canadian hunting trophy photos.

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