2022-2023 Canada Hunting Price List

Looking for a great Canada hunting trip? Here is our Canada hunting price list for the 2022 and 2023 hunting seasons.

Below is our current Canada hunting price list. All prices are in US dollars.

Our Canada hunting packages include all food, lodging, transportation within the hunting area, field preparation of trophies, trophy fees for the indicated animals, hunting licenses, tags, and taxes. These packages do not include tips, commercial air fare, taxidermy, meat processing, and shipment of trophies home.

Update July 2021: We are pleased to announce that the Canadian border will OPEN for fully vaccinated tourists and hunters in August of 2021. Travelers will also need to present a negative COVID test upon arrival. There is currently NO quarantine for vaccinated travelers who present a negative COVID test. 

We hunted all of our camps very lightly in 2020 and 2021, so those who come over in 2022 and 2023 will have the unique opportunity to enjoy what is truly the hunting adventure of a lifetime. We currently have 1 spot remaining for an archery rut moose hunt 1-7 October 2022 and a couple of openings for rifle deer hunts 11-16 November and 19-24 November 2022.

2022 & 2023 Canada Hunting Prices

Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunting Package
11-16 November 2022
19-24 November 2022

If you’ve always wanted to take a really big whitetail deer, then this rifle hunt during the rut will be perfect for you. We hunt in some outstanding deer habitat in west-central Alberta. For this reason, we have very high success rates and take some massive deer. Most of the bucks taken on these hunts score between 140 and 175.

Trophy Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunts 4


Alberta Archery Moose
1-7 October 2022

This is an archery moose hunt that takes place during the peak of the moose rut. This is an excellent time to hunt as the bulls are extremely vocal and respond very well to calls. If you’re looking for an exciting moose hunt where you get in close to a monster bull for a shot, then this is the hunt for you!

These moose hunts take place about 3 hours north of Edmonton in an area with excellent moose habitat. These hunts are also guided 1×1.


Alberta Black Bear Hunting Package
We’re fully booked for 2022-2023

This black bear hunt is our most popular Canada hunting package in Alberta. We conduct these hunts over bait in some of the best black bear habitat in Canada. During the past 3 years we have a 100% success rate and the typical bear taken measured over 6 feet long and weighed over 300 pounds. Approximately 20% of the bears in this area are color phase black bears ranging from cinnamon to blonde. These hunts take place in a 2 bear area and hunters may shoot a second bear for an additional $1,250.

picture of black bear canada hunting price list 1
picture of black bear canada hunting price list 2


Alberta Rifle Moose/Deer Combo
We’re fully booked for 2022-2023

This is a rifle moose hunt that takes place during the late season and includes a whitetail deer at no extra charge. These late season hunts are a very underrated opportunity to hunt both moose and deer. We cover a lot of ground in trucks, ATVs, or snowmobiles on logging roads on these hunts and glass willow flats and cut blocks looking for feeding moose. This is another wonderful opportunity, especially if you’d like the potential to take a very nice whitetail buck in addition to a great moose.

Both of these moose hunts take place about 3 hours north of Edmonton (not far from where we outfit our spring black bear hunts). Hunting pressure is very low in that area and the moose habitat is outstanding. As a result, that area has high moose densities and offers a good opportunity at a 35-55″ bull.

Additionally, that area has very good road access, so we can take hunters of varying physical fitness on this hunt. Typically, we use trucks and ATVs to cover a lot of ground and glass willow flats and cut blocks in the morning and evening. There are also numerous good vantage points for us to glass the willow groves in river bottoms where moose like to hang out.

We only take 2 hunters at a time and guide each hunter 1×1, so are high quality moose hunts where you’ll get lots of personal attention and a guide solely focused on making sure you have the hunt of a lifetime. You’ll stay in a comfortable bunk house with electricity, hot water showers, and an outdoor bar/cookhouse. Camp also has good cell phone service.

We have not started booking moose hunts for 2023 yet, but you can contact us to get on our waiting list for when we do start booking those hunts.

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picture of canada hunting price list alberta moose 2


British Columbia Horseback Moose/Caribou Combo
We are currently fully booked for moose and caribou hunts in British Columbia for the foreseeable future.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that we offer some of the best mountain caribou and moose hunting anywhere in North America. These horseback packages are the most popular hunts we offer and are an excellent opportunity to take a great Canada Moose and/or Mountain Caribou on an incredible adventure in the wilderness of northern British Columbia. We have a 100% success rate on both moose and caribou hunts over the past 3 years.

British Columbia Horseback Mountain Goat
We are currently fully booked for mountain goat hunts in British Columbia for the foreseeable future.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures and large amounts of snowfall that the mountains they inhabit experience each year, the mountain goats in this area have magnificent coats. Additionally, we keep the hunting pressure on the mountain goats very light, which allows our hunters to be very selective.

If you’re interested in one of our incredible Canadian hunts, please contact us immediately for more information or to book your hunt.


  • Our Alberta black bear and whitetail hunts take place in some of the best habitat in the province. We spend a great deal of time scouting prior to hunting season and carefully place our stands in only the absolute best locations. This means that, unlike many other hunting outfitters in Alberta, every single one of our stands is a proven performer and gets a ton of traffic.
  • Our moose hunts take place in outstanding moose habitat with great road access. So, these hunts are the perfect opportunity for hunters to take a very nice Canada moose without having to deal with chartering a float plane or riding horses into the backcountry.
  • We book a limited number of hunts each year, abide by strict quotas, and carefully manage our hunting areas. This ensures that our hunters have high success rates and take the best quality trophies possible.
  • We take pride in providing hunts with outstanding personal service before, during, and after your hunt. You will not have problems getting in touch us when and we’ll be available to you through the entire process to provide assistance with anything you need related to the hunt.

To learn more about booking an incredible Canada hunting adventure, simply click the “Get More Information” button below. You’ll be taken to a contact form on the next page where you can enquire about availability for particular dates and ask any questions you may have about our Canada hunts.