Discount For Women Hunters

Looking for a South African hunting outfitter offering a discount for women hunters?

In light of the recent controversies surrounding women hunters and the attacks made on them by anti-hunters, we are taking this opportunity to offer our full support to all women  hunters. As a demonstration of our support, Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting, our South African outfitter, is offering a 5% discount for women hunters who book an African safari with us. This discount applies to all daily rates, trophy fees, packages, and specials (unless otherwise specified) for any of our South African hunting areas.  This discount may be used for plains or dangerous game hunts.

The number of women hunters is rapidly growing in the United States and the rest of the world. We are happy to see this dramatic increase in women hunters and are doing our best to encourage more women to join the sport. Hopefully, the discount we are offering will help more women fulfill dreams of hunting in Africa.

We individually tailor all of our hunts to the abilities and desires of each individual hunter. Regardless of if you’re a brand new hunter, or a veteran of many African safaris, we guarantee you the hunt of a lifetime. Additionally, we can also arrange for a female professional hunter to accompany you on safari if desired.

Additionally, women currently serving in any branch of the military may combine the our discount for women hunters with our military discount for any hunt in Africa.

At Big Game Hunting Adventures, we are committed to your privacy. We will not sell or release your name or contact information to anyone outside of Big Game Hunting Adventures or our partner outfitters. Additionally, we will also refrain from posting any photos of you on your hunt or with your trophies unless we have your permission.

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If you’re interested in taking advantage of our discount for women hunters, please contact us for more information or to book your hunt.