Hunting BC, Canada For Moose, Caribou, Stone Sheep, and Mountain Goat

Interested in hunting BC? We have some of the best British Columbia hunting for Sheep, Mountain Goat, Caribou, and Moose available.

Located in the Cassiar Mountains of extreme northern British Columbia, we are an ideal choice for those interested in hunting BC. We have exclusive access to over 3,000 square miles of pristine wilderness that’s less than 50 miles from the border with the Yukon Territory. This area has hunting for Stone Sheep, Western Canada Moose, Mountain Caribou, and Mountain Goat that is second to none.

All of our hunts come with guaranteed BC hunting tags.

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Caribou: If you’re interested in hunting BC for Caribou, you’ve come to the right place. We are fortunate to have access to some incredible Mountain Caribou habitat and we routinely take some monster Caribou each year. Along with Moose, our Caribou hunts are our most popular hunting packages. Please visit our Caribou hunting page for details.

Moose: One of the benefits of choosing us as your BC hunting outfitter is that you’ll get the chance to hunt in an area with incredible Western Canada Moose hunting. The Moose from Northern British Columbia are some of the biggest in the record books and ours are no exception. Additionally, though we do offer Moose only hunts, our Moose/Caribou packages are extremely popular due to their affordable price, excellent odds of success, and outstanding trophy quality. Please visit our Moose hunting page for details on the incredible hunting we have for these magnificent animals.

hunting bc caribou
hunting bc moose

Mountain Goat: Though they are an often underrated and overlooked species, Mountain Goat are a challenging and fulfilling species to hunt. Due to the light hunting pressure that they are subject to, we have some monster Mountain Goats and take some real beauties each year. If you’re interested in hunting BC for an incredible Mountain Goat trophy, please visit our Mountain Goat hunting page for details.

Stone Sheep: No sheep hunter’s collection is complete without a Stone Sheep. Luckily, with our average rams measuring around 38″, we offer an incredible Stone Sheep hunting experience that few other BC hunting outfitters can match. If you’re interested in hunting Stone Sheep with us, please visit our Stone Sheep hunting page for details.

hunting bc stone sheep
hunting bc mountain goat

Wolf: Though wolf are not a species that we specifically target, there are a few wolves in our hunting area and we occasionally encounter them while hunting something else. Due to this, we offer limited wolf hunting on a “by chance” basis. If you purchase a wolf tag prior to your hunt, you may take one wolf for free if you encounter one. Along with our free fishing and bird hunting, this is a bonus that few other BC hunting outfitters offer.

Hunting BC Travel And Accommodations

Depending on the hunt, we provide either wall tents or cabins for accommodations. Mountain tents may be used on on some early season hunts. Almost all the hunting areas are so remote that they are only accessible via float plane into one of the many lakes in the hunting area. You may hunt directly from the camp you fly into, or your guide might elect to hunt from a spike camp that he offers better potential for success.

hunting bc cabins
hunting bc plane

Though horses are used for transportation around the hunting area on most of our hunts, we also use boats on some of our Moose hunts. However, regardless of which hunt you choose, you should arrive in good shape and be prepared to do a fair amount of walking, especially on our Mountain Goat and Sheep hunts.hunting bc horses 2
We hunt less than one third of our BC hunting camps each year, which provides an outstanding opportunity for hunters to pursue an almost untouched game population of mature animals. Indeed, many of the animals in our hunting area may go their entire lives without ever seeing a human being. For this reason, we are an ideal destination for those interested in hunting BC.

If you’re interested in hunting BC with us, please contact us for more information or to book your hunt.