Recommended Africa Hunting Equipment List

Bringing the right equipment can go a long way towards having a great hunt. Read on to learn what items are on our recommended Africa hunting equipment list.

Here is our recommended Africa hunting equipment list, which is applicable to the hunts we offer in both South Africa and Mozambique. We offer daily laundry service on all of our Africa hunts, so don’t overpack.

Recommended Africa Hunting Equipment List

  • Passport
  • Copy of SAPS 520 form and pre-approved firearms permit (if Applicable)
  • CBP Form 4457 or Weapons License (if Applicable)
  • Medical Evacuation Insurance (Highly Recommended)
  • Letter of Invitation
  • 3x Shirts (Green or Khaki Recommended, Camouflage is illegal in Mozambique)
  • 3x Pair of Pants (Green or Khaki Recommended, Camouflage is illegal in Mozambique)
  • 2x Pair of Shorts
  • 3x T-Shirts
  • Sweatshirt and/or Light Jacket (if Hunting June, July, or August)
  • 5x Pair of Socks
  • 1x Pair of Well Broken-In Boots
  • 1x Pair of Sandals/Flip-Flops
  • Belt
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Lightweight Gloves
  • High Quality Binoculars
  • Camera With Charger & USB Cable
  • Video Camera With Charger & USB Cable
  • Flashlight
  • Reading Material
  • 40-60 Rounds of Ammunition Per Rifle
    • 40 Premium Soft Points (if only hunting plains game)
    • 40 Premium Soft Point & 20 Solids (if hunting buffalo)
  • Soft rifle case
  • Personal Toiletries (Toothbrush, Razor, Etc.)
  • Malaria Prophylaxis (if hunting in Mozambique or Limpopo Province)
  • Ciprofloxacin Prescription
  • Anti-Diarrhea Medication (Loperamide/Imodium)
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Aspirin/Ibuprofen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Type M Electrical Plug Adapter (for hunts in both South Africa & Mozambique)
    • Make sure your electronics are rated for 220v!
    • Our camps in South Africa have a reliable supply of electricity.
    • Our camp in Mozambique has electricity from generators during the day only.

Though you are by no means required to read them, there are several books we recommend that our hunters read prior to their trip. 

Kevin “Doctari” Robertson is a veterinarian and a long-time professional hunter from Zimbabwe. He puts his knowledge of animal anatomy and experiences hunting game in Africa to good use in his books. These books are very useful references for shot placement as well as just general information about some of the most popular species to hunt in Africa. 

His book The Perfect Shot (or the updated version The Perfect Shot II) is full of useful information for hunters booked on any hunt in Africa. We also highly recommend reading his book Africa’s Most Dangerous prior to hunting Cape Buffalo with us. You may also purchase a pocket sized mini-edition of The Perfect Shot that only contains the shot placement diagrams to bring along with you on your hunt.

Additionally, the book Hunting Africa: A Practical Guide by Professional Hunters DJ Botes and Pieter Smit is also a handy reference with some useful information hunting in Africa in general as well on some of the most popular species of game.

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If you have questions regarding our recommended Africa hunting equipment list, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.