Moose Hunting In Canada

Have you been dreaming of a Moose hunting expedition in the remote Canadian wilderness? We have some of the best Moose hunting available anywhere in British Columbia.

Why should I book a Moose hunting trip with you? We have exclusive hunting rights on over 3,000 square miles of remote and pristine wilderness in northern British Columbia that contains some of the best Moose habitat in the world. Not surprisingly, this area is home to an incredible population of Canada Moose and has some excellent Moose hunting opportunities that few other places in North America can rival.

Since the area is so large, and since we only book a limited number of hunters each year, we’re able to keep the hunting pressure on the Moose very low. For this reason, we have over a 90% success rate on our Moose hunts and the typical bull taken measures over 53 ½” and scores over 180 B&C. For example, last year all 23 of our Moose hunters got a shot on a mature bull moose. 21 of them actually took a Moose (1 missed and 1 passed on a nice bull). 17 of those bulls scored over 180 and 7 of them scored over 200!

Finally, we also have guaranteed tags for all the species we offer hunting for. So, there is no need to enter in a limited entry draw to go Moose hunting with us.

Due to all of these factors, we offer an outstanding Moose hunting experience that is truly in a league of its own. Have you always dreamed of hunting in the remote Canadian wilderness? Are you looking looking for a great chance at taking a gigantic Canada moose? Then book one of our incredible Moose hunting packages.moose hunting in canada 1What Moose hunting methods do you use? We offer horseback and boat moose hunts. The primary difference between the two types of hunts is our method of traveling around the hunting area and you’ll actually conduct the vast majority of your stalks on foot. The boat moose hunts are not very physically demanding, but hunters on horseback hunts should be pretty physically fit and capable of walking several miles a day.

Where do you conduct your Moose hunts? All of our hunts begin and end in Whitehorse, YT. Your guide will meet you there on the first day of the hunt and you’ll fly in a chartered float plane the specific area where you’ll be hunting. Then, you’ll hunt the lakes and waterways in the extremely remote northern portions of British Columbia that are home to an incredible population of moose. On the last day of the hunt, you’ll fly back to Whitehorse.

What is the cost of a Moose hunting trip in Canada with you? For the 2018 hunting season, our horseback Moose hunting trips go for $17,500 while our boat Moose hunts go for $16,500. Check out our price list for more information on the costs involved in our Moose hunts.

What other animals may be combined with a Moose hunt? Depending on availability in the exact hunting area, our horseback Moose hunts can be combined with Caribou and Wolf. Our Moose hunts are most often combined with Caribou and we have a 90% success rate for hunters taking a Moose or Caribou, and over an 80% success rate for taking both Moose and Caribou. Boat Moose hunts can only be combined with Wolf at this time.moose hunting in canada 2When do you do your Moose hunting? We hunt Moose from 1 September through 9 October, which coincides with the rut. Additionally, we offer one late season moose hunt 6-17 October each year. Our Moose hunts are 11 days: 9 full hunting days and 2 travel days.

We currently have the following moose hunts remaining for 2018:

Horseback Moose, Caribou Combo: $20,500
27 August-6 September 2018
Mountain Goat may be added to this hunt for an additional $1,000.

Horseback Moose/Caribou Combo: $20,500
6-16 September 2018

Boat Moose Hunt: $16,500
13-23 September 2018

What is the average shot distance when Moose hunting in Canada? Since they are often encountered in thick cover, shots taken when Moose hunting are usually at short to moderate range: 50-150 yards. However, they are sometimes encountered in situations requiring longer range shots, so hunters should be prepared to take shots out to 300 yards when Moose hunting with us.

What is your average trophy size of Moose taken when hunting with you? Our average moose trophy size is 53 ½” and we usually take one or two Moose larger than 60” each year. Our typical moose scores over 180 B&C, so these hunts are a great opportunity to take a Boone & Crockett Canadian moose.

Contact us for more information or to book your Moose hunting trip.

What is the best rifle caliber for Moose hunting? Since they are so large, Moose must be hunted with an cartridge of appropriate power. With this in mind, we do not recommend using anything less than the .30-06 Springfield, using 180gr controlled expansion bullets, for Moose hunting. The .300 and .338 Winchester Magnum are also good choices. Some hunters successfully hunt Moose with even larger cartridges, such as the .375 H&H and .416 Remington, though neither is really necessary.

That being said, we would rather you bring a smaller cartridge that you are familiar with and can shoot accurately rather one that you are afraid of. As always, accuracy and good shot placement are the two most important things when hunting Moose.

What is the best recommended Moose shot placement? Though Moose are very large, they will not travel very far if hit properly by a powerful enough bullet. When the animal is standing broadside, simply aim at the center of the shoulder, approximately one third of the way up the body (this goes for both rifle and bow hunters).

Remember to adjust your aiming point accordingly if the Moose is quartering towards or away from you (aim slightly forward if it is quartering towards you and slightly to the rear if it is quartering away). The shot placement for a bow on a Moose that is quartering away is the same as for a rifle hunter. We do not recommend taking a shot on a Moose quartering towards you with a bow.trophy moose hunting shot placement smallPrior to taking any shot, ensure that the animal is stationary and is not standing in water. Recovering a dead Moose from a body of cold water is doable, but is an experience best avoided if at all possible.

Western Canada Moose Scientific Name: Alces alces andersoni

How do you distinguish males from females when Moose hunting? Male (bulls) and female (cows) Moose are very easy to tell apart when Moose hunting. Only bulls (top) have antlers.trophy moose hunting in canada male smalltrophy moose hunting in canada female smallIf you’re interested in going Moose hunting in Canada, please contact us for more information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.