Trophy Mountain Goat Hunting In Canada

Looking for incredible trophy Mountain Goat hunting in Canada? We offer some of the best and most affordable Mountain Goat hunts available in the entire country.

Why should I book a Mountain Goat hunting trip with you? We have exclusive hunting rights on over 3,300 square miles of remote and pristine wilderness in northern British Columbia containing rough, snow covered mountains that are home to lots of Mountain Goats. This area has some excellent Mountain Goat hunting and offers opportunities to take some truly massive billies.

Since the hunting area is so large, we’re able to very selectively choose out camps each year to ensure the best possible Mountain Goat hunting. In fact, most of our camps only get hunted once every 3 or so years. Keeping the hunting pressure so low helps ensure our hunters have the absolute best chances of taking a really nice, mature billy.

Finally, we also have guaranteed tags for all the species we offer hunting for. So, there is no need to enter in a limited entry draw to go Mountain Goat hunting with us.

Due to all of these factors, we offer an excellent Mountain Goat hunting experience that few other outfitters can match. Are you looking looking for the opportunity to hunt a Mountain Goat in the remote peaks of northern British Columbia? Then book one of our outstanding Mountain Goat hunting packages.mountain goat hunting 2What Mountain Goat hunting methods do you use? Our Mountain Goat hunts are conducted via spot and stalk on foot. We offer both horseback and backpack goat hunts. Even though we use horses on some of these trips, a significant portion of the hunt is conducted on foot. Physical fitness is extremely important when Mountain Goat hunting. All hunters should be in good physical condition and capable of walking several miles a day over very rough terrain for the duration of the hunt for best odds of success.

Where do you conduct your Mountain Goat hunts? All of our hunts begin and end near Boya Lake in northern British Columbia. Your guide will meet you there on the first day of the hunt and you’ll fly in a chartered float plane the specific area where you’ll be hunting. Then, you’ll hunt the extremely remote mountain ranges of northern British Columbia that are home to an incredible population of Mountain Goat.

What is the cost of a Mountain Goat hunt in Canada? Our prices for hunting Mountain goats are listed below.

All prices are in US dollars. Our Canada Mountain Goat hunting packages include all food, lodging, transportation within the hunting area, field preparation of trophies, trophy fees for the indicated animals, hunting licenses, tags, float plane charter, and taxes. These packages do not include tips, commercial air fare, taxidermy, meat processing, and shipment of trophies home.

British Columbia Backpack Mountain Goat
We are currently fully booked for backpack goat hunts for the foreseeable future.

British Columbia Horseback Mountain Goat
We are currently fully booked for backpack goat hunts for the foreseeable future.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures and large amounts of snowfall that the mountains they inhabit experience each year, the mountain goats in this area have magnificent white coats. Additionally, we keep the hunting pressure on the mountain goats very light, which allows our hunters to be very selective.

What other animals may be combined with a Mountain Goat hunt? Depending on availability in the specific area you’ll be hunting, our Mountain Goat hunts can be combined with other game animals like Caribou and Wolf. Black bear are occasionally encountered in the hunting area, though they are pretty rare in this part of British Columbia due to the healthy Grizzly Bear population in the area. That being said, Mountain Goats are an especially popular addition to Caribou hunts.mountain goat hunting 1


  • We have exclusive hunting rights on over 3,300 square miles of remote and pristine wilderness in northern British Columbia. This area contains a healthy population of Mountain Goats that few other hunting outfitters in North America can rival.
  • We book a limited number of hunts each year, abide by strict quotas, and carefully manage our hunting areas. This ensures that our goat hunters have high success rates and consistently harvest trophy goats on fair chase hunts.
  • Since we have guaranteed Mountain Goat tags, there’s no need to spend years accumulating bonus points or deciphering a complicated lottery system like in the State of Montana, Colorado, or Idaho.
  • We can accommodate rifle hunters as well as archery Mountain goat hunters on spot and stalk hunts.
  • Our Hunting Guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and have many years worth of experience guiding Mountain Goat hunts.
  • If you tag out early, we also offer free fishing. The lakes in rivers in this area have exceptional fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Bull Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, and Rainbow Trout.
  • There are limited numbers of wolves in the area and we can also take you on wolf hunt for free if you have time remaining in your hunt after your harvest your mountain goat.
  • We take pride in providing hunts with outstanding personal service before, during, and after your hunt. You will not have problems getting in touch us when and we’ll be available to you through the entire process to provide assistance with anything you need related to the hunt.

When do you do your Mountain Goat hunting? We offer single species Mountain Goat hunts during August and we continue to hunt them as add-on species into early September

What is the average shot distance when Mountain Goat hunting in Canada? Since they are often encountered in open areas at high elevation, shots taken when Mountain Goat hunting are often at moderate range: 150-350 yards. However, some situations require longer range shots, so hunters should be prepared to take shots out to 400 yards when Mountain Goat hunting with us.

What sort of Mountain Goat trophies can be expected when hunting with you? Due to the extreme cold temperatures and large amounts of snowfall that the mountains they inhabit experience each year, the Mountain Goats in our hunting area have magnificent coats. Since the hunting pressure on them is so light, we can offer excellent trophy quality Mountain Goats. Average horn length of 9 ¼” is typical and our hunters occasionally take one with 10” horns.

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What is the best rifle caliber for Mountain Goat hunting? Since they are well adapted for living in such harsh conditions, Mountain Goats are incredibly tough animals and can take a lot of punishment before going down. Fortunately, they are not extremely large and do not require particularly heavy or well constructed bullets to take them cleanly. However, shots on Mountain Goats are often taken at longer range. So, a flat shooting cartridge is essential for Mountain Goat hunting. For this reason, the .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, and .300 Winchester Magnum (using regular soft point bullets) are great choices for Mountain Goat hunting.

However, keep in mind that if you are planning on hunting another, larger species, such as Caribou, in addition to Mountain Goat, that you should probably consider using a cartridge on the upper end of the spectrum, such as the the .300 Winchester Magnum, as opposed to the .270 Winchester.

That being said, we would rather you bring a smaller cartridge that you are familiar with and can shoot accurately rather one that you are afraid of. As always, accuracy and good shot placement are the two most important things when Mountain Goat hunting. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need to be carrying your rifle over some pretty rough terrain. A lightweight rifle is much easier to carry, but much less fun to shoot, especially when chambered in a heavy recoiling cartridge.

What is the best recommended Mountain Goat shot placement? As stated above, Mountain Goats are quite tough animals and are not impressed by poor shot placement. A poorly hit Mountain Goat can travel quite a distance and there is a good chance it will end up in a place where it is impossible to safely recover. To avoid this, you’ve got to place your shots properly. When the Mountain Goat is standing broadside, aim at the rear edge of the shoulder, between one third and half way up the body (this goes for both rifle and bow hunters). A shot placed as described will hit the heart and/or lungs.

Since Mountain Goat hunting usually takes place in extremely rough terrain, it is not uncommon for shots on Mountain Goat to be taken at a significant angle upwards or downwards. Be sure you know how to adjust your aiming point when shooting uphill or downhill.

Also, remember to adjust your aiming point accordingly if the Mountain Goat is quartering towards or away from you (aim slightly forward if it is quartering towards you and slightly to the rear if it is quartering away). The shot placement for a bow on a Mountain Goat that is quartering away is the same as for a rifle hunter. I do not recommend taking a shot on a Mountain Goat quartering towards you with a bow.mountain goat hunting mountain goat shot placement 2mountain goat hunting mountain goat shot placement 3Additionally, make sure that the goat is located in a place where it is possible (and safe) to recover the animal after the shot. Because of the extremely rough terrain that they inhabit, it may be necessary to pass up a shot on a Mountain Goat because it is located in an area where it is impractical to recover after the shot.

Mountain Goat Scientific Name: Oreamnos americanus, also known as the Rocky Mountain Goat

How do you distinguish males from females when Mountain Goat hunting? Since male (billies) and female (nannies) Mountain Goats both have horns, they can be extremely difficult for an inexperienced hunter to tell apart when Mountain Goat hunting. Billies are slightly larger in the body and usually have shorter horns with thicker bases than nannies. However, the only foolproof way to tell them apart is to look for the presence of a black gland at the rear of their horn bases, which nannies lack. This requires extremely good optics and a fair amount of patience.

We are currently fully booked for Mountain Goat hunts in Canada for the foreseeable future.