Trophy Steenbok Hunting In South Africa

Looking for quality trophy Steenbok hunting in South Africa? We have some of the most affordable Steenbok hunting around and take some beautiful Steenbok trophies.

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What is the cost of a Steenbok hunting safari in South Africa? Steenbok are one of our most affordable animals to hunt in South Africa. For the 2024 hunting season, our trophy fee for Steenbok is $375.

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Steenbok Scientific Name: Raphicerus campestris

What is a Steenbok? A Steenbok is a small antelope that is found in many different parts of South Africa. We conduct the majority of our Steenbok hunting on our main hunting area in Limpopo Province.

Steenbok typically weigh around 20 pounds and stand about 20″ tall at the shoulder. They often have an orange or light brown colored coat. Their bellies and the area around their eyes are white.

They are normally solitary animals and will only be found in pairs during mating season. Steenbok seem to prefer areas that are less densely vegetated, though they are found in a variety of habitats.

Since they are so small, Steenbok are almost exclusively low level browsing animals, though they will occasionally eat freshly sprouted grass. They get the majority of their water from their food, so they do not need to drink water to survive.

How do you distinguish males from females when Steenbok hunting? When Steenbok hunting, it is pretty simple to distinguish between males and females, as you can see in the photo below (click on the photos to zoom in). The primary difference between males (right) and females (left), is that only males have horns.trophy steenbok hunting in south africa male femaleWhat is the best rifle caliber for Steenbok hunting? Steenbok are very small, dainty animals, so their hides are easily ruined by high powered bullets. Ideally, hunters would use lower powered cartridges, such as the .22 centerfires, the .243 Winchester and 6.5mm Mauser when Steenbok hunting. However, perhaps the best cartridge for hunting Steenbok is the .375 H&H loaded with solids. This will reliably anchor the animal and cause surprisingly little damage to the trophy.

What is the best recommended Steenbok shot placement? If you place your shot properly on a Steenbok, he will not run far. When Steenbok hunting, I recommend aiming for the heart and lungs, while trying to avoid hitting the shoulder blade. Hopefully, this will minimize damage to the trophy while still providing a quick and ethical shot. When the animal is standing broadside, aim just behind his shoulder, about one third of the way up the body.trophy steenbok hunting steenbok shot placement broadsideDon’t forget to adjust your aiming point accordingly if the Steenbok is quartering towards or away from you (aim slightly forward if the Steenbok is quartering towards you and slightly to the rear if the Steenbok is quartering away).

What is the average shot distance when Steenbok hunting? Since they are normally solitary animals and since we normally encounter them in more dense vegetation, shots on Steenbok are often at close range. Most shots taken when Steenbok hunting are at ranges around 50 yards.

What methods do you use when Steenbok hunting? We conduct all of our Steenbok hunting on foot via walk and stalk. The vast majority of our Steenbok are taken incidentally while hunting other animals, such as Impala or Kudu.

What is the best time of year for Steenbok hunting in South Africa? Steenbok are one of our species that may be successfully hunted virtually all year round. However, May through October are the best months for Steenbok hunting in South Africa.

If you’re interested in going Steenbok hunting in South Africa with us, please contact us for more information or to book your hunt.trophy steenbok hunting in south africa september 2015steenbok hunting march 2015