Mozambique Hunting

Looking for a Mozambique hunting outfitter? You came to the right place: we have some of the best hunting in Mozambique for Cape Buffalo, leopard, and plains game.

If you want a true African hunting adventure like you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid reading Outdoor Life and Field & Stream, then a Mozambique hunting safari with us will satisfy that desire. We offer classic Mozambique hunting safaris for buffalo, leopard, and plains game on over 160,000 acres of some of the finest big game hunting country on the continent. These are serious hunts for serious hunters.

Mozambique offers some of the last truly wild areas left in Africa. Our hunts are conducted out of a traditional tented camp in the remote, but game rich, unfenced, and untamed country near the fabled “Crook’s Corner” where the borders of South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe all come together. This is truly wild Africa in all of its savage beauty a la Ernest Hemingway. We take great pride in conducting serious African hunting in this beautiful, but unforgiving country the way they were meant to be done.Mozambique hunting safaris buffalo 2We strive to provide our hunters authentic Mozambique hunting safaris with exceptional personal service. We do not use outside PHs and we only book one hunting party at a time. If you hunt with us, you will experience what Africa has to offer: you’ll get to see and stalk some of Africa’s most iconic and dangerous species, sit around the campfire and swap stories, hear lions and hyenas at night, and wake up and do it all again the next day.

We conduct our Mozambique hunting safaris in the western portion of Gaza Province. This area is located in close proximity to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, and the legendary Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is also located across the border from the renowned Sengwe Safari Area in Zimbabwe.Mozambique hunting safaris mapNot only is our hunting area in Mozambique located right in the heart of some of the best  hunting in all of southern Africa, but it is also close enough to South Africa that, unlike most other Mozambique hunting outfitters, no charter or follow-on airline flights are necessary to reach camp.

Your Professional Hunter will meet you at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and will stay with you during the entire safari to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable hunt. After he assists you in retrieving your rifle at the airport, he’ll then take you to a lodge catering specifically to hunters a short distance from the airport where you’ll spend the night. Then next morning you’ll drive straight to the hunting area through Kruger Park. At the end of the hunt, he’ll drive you back to the airport.

Mozambique Hunting Accommodations

While on your Mozambique hunting safari, you’ll stay in large safari tents with on concrete slabs. Electricity is provided by generators and there are flush toilets along with hot and cold running water in camp. All tents have their own comfortable beds and are screened to keep out insects. We also have a satellite phone for emergency communication.Mozambique hunting safaris accommodations 1Mozambique hunting safaris accommodations 2

Mozambique Hunting Food & Beverages

All meals are prepared on site by our professionally trained cook and consist of a combination of local cuisine and wild game. Meals feature lots of meat, vegetables, and fruit and are accompanied by fine South African wines specifically chosen to compliment the meal. After a hard day of hunting, you’ll get a chance to relax and unwind with a sundowner and snacks around the fire pit before dinner while you rehash the day’s experiences and talk about tomorrow’s plans. south africa hunting accommodations dinner

Mozambique Hunting Packages

We do not believe in hidden or extra fees. All of our Mozambique hunting packages include all expenses associated with the hunt. Basically, you are responsible for transporting yourself, your gear, and your trophy to and from Africa. We will pick you up and drop you off at Johannesburg International Airport and take care of everything in between. Our Mozambique hunting safari prices also include many things other outfitters leave out such as a rifle import permit, leopard baiting fees, VAT, and CITES permit fees. All our hunting packages include the trophy fees for the specified animals.

Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunting Package
10 Day Hunt (plus 2 travel days)
1 Cape Buffalo Bull
$14,000 (1×1) $13,500 (2×1)

This part of Africa is legendary for outstanding Cape Buffalo hunting. If you want a real deal Mozambique hunting safari for Cape Buffalo in one of the wildest and untamed parts of Africa, then this hunt is for you. This is prime buffalo habitat and there are lots of buffalo in the area. You’ll hunt your buffalo on foot in the thick brush that covers the hunting area and experience the incredible adrenaline rush of approaching a herd of unsuspecting buffalo at close range before taking your shot. We only hunt hard bossed bulls and there is plenty of opportunity to take a great buffalo trophy on this hunt. This is a flat rate price and we do not charge per inch. Hunters may add a second trophy buffalo bull for $3,500. Odds of success on our Mozambique Cape Buffalo hunts are very high. However, if you do not take a buffalo, you will receive a refund of the trophy fee ($3,500). This Mozambique hunting package includes 10 days of actual hunting plus 2 travel days for a total of 12 days.

Mozambique Leopard Hunting Package
14 Day Hunt (plus 2 travel days) for 1 Hunter
1 Leopard

In addition to buffalo, this part of Mozambique is also home to a very healthy leopard population. The hunting pressure on the leopards is quite low in this area, which means the leopard here get very big. Especially with the recent closure of leopard hunting in South Africa, this is a great chance to bag the trophy leopard of your dreams in our vast hunting area with a large population of un-pressured leopards. Our leopard hunts are done over bait at night and there are plenty of 180lb+ leopard in the area. This Mozambique leopard hunting package also includes all baiting costs and a CITES tag. We will start baiting the leopard 4 days prior to the start of your hunt for the best odds of success. However, if you do not take a leopard, you will receive a refund of the trophy fee ($5,000). Your leopard trophy is also importable into the United States. This Mozambique hunting package includes 14 days of actual hunting plus 2 travel days for a total of 16 days.

Mozambique Buffalo/Leopard Combo Hunting Package
14 Day Hunt (plus 2 travel days) for 1 Hunter
1 Cape Buffalo and 1 Leopard

For the hunter who wants a truly memorable and unique Mozambique hunting safari, our buffalo/leopard hunting package is a great way to bag two of the Big 5 on the same hunt. If you care to match wits with the cagey leopard and the mighty buffalo, this is the perfect package for you. Hunters may add a second trophy buffalo bull for $3,500. Just like with our other hunting packages, you will receive a refund of your trophy fee if you do not take a buffalo ($3,500) or a leopard ($5,000) on your hunt.  This Mozambique hunting package includes 14 days of actual hunting plus 2 travel days for a total of 16 days. This package includes all baiting costs and a CITES permit. We will also start baiting 4 days prior to the start of your hunt.Mozambique hunting safaris buffalo 1

Included in our Mozambique Hunting Packages:
Trophy fees for specified animals
Accommodation, food, and beverages for specified number of days
Exclusive use of the hunting area
Services of a licensed Professional Hunter
Transportation between Johannesburg International Airport and hunting area
Reasonable quantity of alcoholic beverages
Rifle rental or rifle import permit
Laundry service during the hunt
Skinning and field preparation of trophies
Delivery of trophies to a taxidermist and shipping company
CITES Permit (if applicable)
Baiting (if applicable)

Not Included in our Mozambique Hunting Packages:
Gratuities for staff members
Taxidermy fees
Transport of trophies outside of Africa
Any airline tickets
Personal, Travel and Trophy insurance
Mozambique entry visa ($160 for a single entry visa)
International calls from cell phones, or landlines

Though every effort will be made to follow up and recover wounded animals, all animals wounded and not recovered will be charged the full trophy fee.

Our Mozambique hunting packages include either the import fee for a single rifle into the country or rifle rental for the entire hunt. For hunters that do not wish to bring their own rifles, we have scoped rifles in good condition chambered in .375 H&H and .375 Ruger available for our clients to use. If you use one of our rifles, we will provide ammunition suitable for hunting Cape Buffalo, leopard, or plains game as appropriate.mozambique hunting horns

Mozambique Hunting Trophy Fees

Below are the trophy fees for the animals we currently hunt in Mozambique. Plains game, crocodile, and hippopotamus may be added to any of our Mozambique hunting packages. The trophy fees include license costs.

Please note that we only offer these animals as additions to buffalo or leopard hunts, not as standalone hunting packages.

Bushpig (includes bait)$550
Duiker, Common (Grey)$325
Duiker, Red$750

*Hippopotamus trophies from Mozambique may not be imported into the United States.
All prices are in US dollars.mozambique hunting hippo

 Best Time of Year For Hunting in Mozambique

We conduct our Mozambique hunting safaris between 1 April and 30 November in accordance which with both the legal hunting season and the best weather in Mozambique. Of these months, August and September are the most popular for our Mozambique hunts because these months are near the end of the dry season, but the temperatures are normally still relatively comfortable as well.

Mozambique Hunting Booking Policy

50% of the hunt package is due at booking and the balance of the package is due 14 days prior to the start of your Mozambique hunting safari. Trophy fees for any additional animals taken are due at the end of the hunt. The deposit and any payments prior to the start of the hunt may be paid by personal check, credit card, or bank transfer. We accept payment via credit card, cash, and bank transfer for payments after the hunt start date. Trophy fees for animals paid for, but not taken, will be refunded promptly at the end of your Mozambique hunting safari.

If you’re interested in booking a Mozambique hunting safari, please contact us for more information or fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.